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Love at first sight...

My journey as a newborn photographer started when my daughter Madison was born in 2012. Becoming a mother was the most incredible experience in my life, it was love at first sight! My passion for photographing newborns was the same. I have always loved babies, I don’t find anything more calming than holding a tiny baby, so becoming a newborn photographer was a dream job for me. Parents sometimes call me “the baby whisperer”, so I think the calming ability works both ways.

Who am I?

I enjoy a healthy lifestyle
I love travelling
I am a coffee enthusiast
I love my children to the moon and back
I am ambitious and hardworking

The biggest motivation in my life is people who believe in me even when I doubt myself


"Photographs are worth more than a thousand words"

For me, photography is about freezing moments in our life which mean the most. Birth, newborn portraits, sitting up sessions, first birthday sessions, family portraits, weddings and christenings are just some of the moments which need special photographs. Photographs which I guarantee will bring a smile to your face for the rest of your life. I am a photographer who is able to capture emotions and make memories last forever.

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