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May your love continue to grow each and every year

There is something so special about a beautiful wedding venue decorated to the finest of details, just waiting for the celebrtion of love to begin!

I work as carefully as possible to capture the raw magic of your most special day without getting in the way. I often feel like I am driven by the positivity in the room as I work tirelesly to get as much content possible.

We will fully discuss my itinerary in the build up to the wedding. Sometimes my clients like me to be around prior to the ceremony to capture the build up, the hair and make-up, the glass of champagne in the bridal suite or the guests slowly arriving to the venue.

My work is often complete shortly after the first dance / cutting of the cake - capturing the party in full swing, before leaving you to enjoy the night with your closest friends and family.

If you would like to discuss the photography of your forthcoming wedding, please get in touch.

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