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"children re-invent your world for you!"

Celebrate your first Birthday with Little Munchkin Photography!

What better way to celebrate your first ever Birthday than smashing a gigantic cupcake (and eating it too). Followed by a nice warm bubble bath to splash around in and make more mess!


They grow so fast!  Baby photo shoots are the cutest. I especially love seeing  returning clients a few months after their newborn session, to see just how much their little one has changed. This is such an irresistable age and these photo shoots are highly enjoyable for all!

Oh, what a difference a few months makes!


Summer evening photoshoots are some of my all time favourite shoots! With so many natural beauty spots on our doorstep, like Erddig and Alyn Waters, there are always great options. I am always available to travel too if there is a location spot you would love your pictures taken.

Location shoots, are, EVERYTHING!

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